Curriculum Outcomes

Bring your students on a memorable and interactive field trip that will focus on the Science of Fire at the Children’s Safety Village which is delivered in partnership with local Fire Departments and instructed by Fire Preventions Officers. Our programmes are based on the Ministry of Education Ontario Curriculum.

Some highlights from today’s lesson include:

  • Discussing Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Learning the 3 sides of the Fire Triangle and how it works
  • Visiting Sparky’s Apartment to identify fire hazards and practise escaping a bedroom window during a simulated fire drill to safety

The Children’s Safety Village of Brant is a charity that relies on donations from the community.

We would like to thank the Fire Services who generously work in partnership with us to facilitate our safety programming.

Make sure you check for available dates on our online calendar before booking your class.
Note: TheĀ Grade 4 Science of Fire programme is offered duringĀ May and June. Six Nations schools attend on Mondays. Brant County and Norfolk County schools attend on Tuesdays. City of Brantford schools attend on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.