Curriculum Outcomes

Bring your students on an interactive field trip where they will learn life saving skills in an Intro to Police and Fire Safety Education Session at the Children’s Safety Village of Brant. This programme is delivered in partnership with local Police and Fire Departments and instructed by Police Fire Prevention Officers. Our programmes are based on the Ministry of Education Ontario Curriculum.

Some highlights from our Intro to Police and Fire Safety Education Session include:

  • Learning the “4 W’s” – Where they are going, Who they are with, What they are doing, and When they will be back
  • Discussing who a community helper is
  • Practising how to “Stop, Look and Listen” in our miniature village before safely crossing the road
  • Learning about having a family escape plan in case of a fire and going to a safe meeting place
  • Demonstrating how to “Get Low and Go” in case of a fire.
The Children’s Safety Village of Brant is a charity that relies on donations from the community.

We would like to thank the Police and Fire Services who generously work in partnership with us to facilitate our safety programming.

Note: The Kindergarten Police & Fire Safety programme is offered during April ONLY.

We are able to accommodate 60 kindergarten students at a time. Please join with another class for your field trip to save on transportation costs.

Six Nations schools attend on Mondays. Brant County and Norfolk County schools attend on Tuesdays. City of Brantford schools attend on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.